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UNU-LRT is a training programme on restoration of degraded land and sustainable land management

News archive

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New article by a former UNU-LRT fellow 15.04.2019
New fellows have arrived 27.03.2019
Visit from partners in Mongolia 18.03.2019
MOOC on Business Model Innovation for Sustainable Landscape Restoration 14.02.2019
Season´s greetings 22.12.2018
New MOOC on business driven landscape restoration 12.12.2018
Interactive field excursions on bridging ecology and economy 09.11.2018
New micro-MOOC on sheep grazing in Iceland coming soon! 16.10.2018
UNU-LRT at SER Europe Conference 2018 21.09.2018
Graduation at UNU-LRT 19.09.2018
Fellows present final projects at an open seminar 04.09.2018
Excursion on land degradation, restoration implementation and land care 14.08.2018
Course in Mongolia on communicating knowledge for sustainable rangeland management under climate change 11.07.2018
International guest lecturer at UNU-LRT 25.05.2018
New paper on sheep grazing and land degradation of Icelandic ecosystems 09.05.2018
The 2018 UNU-LRT fellows have arrived 28.03.2018
UNU’s work toward the 17 Sustainable Development Goals 27.02.2018
Season´s greetings 19.12.2017
External evaluation of UNU-LRT 15.12.2017
Course in Uganda on sustainable land management, land restoration and linkages to climate change 01.11.2017
Celebrating graduation from UNU-LRT six-month training programme 15.09.2017
UNU-LRT fellows present their research projects at an open seminar 06.09.2017
International guest lecturer at UNU-LRT 21.08.2017
Visit from the University of Leeds 16.06.2017
Linking migration, land degradation, and land restoration: potential for sustainable livelihoods. 09.06.2017
Visit from Uganda – short course development 29.05.2017
MOOC on Landscape restoration for sustainable development: A business approach 24.04.2017
New group of UNU-LRT fellows 23.03.2017
News from former fellows 27.02.2017
Season´s greetings 22.12.2016



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